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19 марта 2018 в 11:50
We offer business cooperation with Belsta Shoe Factory, LLC, in terms of wide range of home and summer shoes.
We take pride of our excellent reputation as a producer of high quality shoes being sold at low price and a constant innovator. Our main goal is to satisfy needs of our clients better than others. The main differences and advantages of our products are their high quality, wear resistance, low market price, and innovations. Due to usage of only primary raw materials for producing a sole, Company’s goods are highly wear resistant. We are always finding ways to connect with shoes lovers and reacts immediately to all fashion changes. Belsta has developed more than 1000 models of shoes following all actual fashion trends since its launch in 2007. Such a family allows satisfying diverse consumers.Belsta is a fast-growing company , and we sustainably increase company’s sales. We have been increasing our sales from around 600 000 pairs of shoes in month to almost 7 000 000 pairs of shoes in year. Thus, this trend indicates that goods of the Company are very competitive which increasingly gain popularity. Our goods are already well-known in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Armenia and other CIS countries and poses leading places on these markets.
Products of Belsta contain no harmful chemicals and dyes and satisfy the European and Ukrainian product and safety standards. Our shoes are produced with the most advanced equipment using environmentally friendly materials (carton, polyurethane, textiles, felt, etc.) satisfying the Ukrainian State Standard GOST 1135: 2007 “Home and Road Shoes” and European product and safety standards. In addition, each type of good is certified by the Ukrainian Certification System UkrSEPRO and hygienic conclusion. An every stage of production process is accompanied with the quality check. In 2011, Belsta was assigned with the Quality Mark “Star of Quality” which is the most recognized national quality ranking.
Thus, we can soundly claim that our products are ones of the most competitive on the mentioned markets taking into account quality and price.
Should you have business with the Belsta, you will attract new clients who love quality shoes and know our trademark. In addition, you can save your status of the Company dealing only with quality goods while increasing profit due to low prices. We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with you.
Best regards,
Nikita Kapustin
Manager of Foreign Economic Activity
Belsta, Limited Liability Company
A wholesale price of a footwear specified in the price list (available upon request) reflects the price of one bag having the following parameters: each bag contains 30 packages; depending on materials used, each package contains a size range of 6 or 7 pairs of shoes (see Picture 1 below) and, thus, each bag contains 180 or 210 pairs of shoes, respectively; all shoes in the bag are the same model and color (in specific cases, different models and colors can be mixed in one bag).
Nikita Kapustin
Sales department

OOO `Belsta`
tel. +380678920474
+380958636394 (Viber)
+380678920474 (WhatsApp)
e-mail: [email protected]

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